Counselors in Training

  • 12-2024 High School Grad
  • $565
  • $615
  • $665
  • June 23-28
Ever wanted to learn what it takes to be a camp counselor? This engaging training course will cover the most important aspects of effective camp counseling in a Christ-centered community. Counselors in Training (CITs) will focus on teaching, caretaking, and group activity planning through discussion and experiential learning. After successfully completing the program, CITs may be invited to volunteer for a week of camp later in the summer.

Think about the people in your life who have made the greatest impact. Maybe it’s a teacher, a coach, or a youth pastor. Or maybe, it’s a camp counselor. Come learn alongside others and find out what it takes to create the amazing experience we call camp, and what it means to be a role model, leader, and counselor.

Dates & Rates

We know that every family has different abilities and resources to pay for camp, which is why Camp Bear Creek has a voluntary three-tiered pricing program. Choose the price that best fits your family’s budget. No matter which price is selected, all campers receive the same camp experience.

DatesTier ITier IITier III
June 23-28$550$600$650

Learning and leading

Camp Life

CIT campers spend the week growing in faith and community as they learn together about what it really takes to work at a summer camp. They’ll get to participate in some of their favorite camp activities, and they’ll also begin to lead some of the younger groups in games, worship, and discussions. If you’ve ever wondered what makes a great counselor or a great leader, this camp is the perfect place to find out.

Camp Meals

Meals at camp are about more than just filling our bellies. When we gather around the table, we build community, engage in conversation, share ideas, strengthen relationships, and cultivate empathy. All of our meals are served family style, and we are intentional about taking this time to share food, conversation, and laughter with each other. We do our best to make sure our meals are kid-friendly and nutritious, and we can accommodate most dietary restrictions or needs. At CIT camp, campers will eat most of their meals in the dining hall, but they’ll also have the opportunity to cook a few meals over a fire during the week!

Ten years ago, my mom sent me to my first summer camp. I never expected to like it or fall in love with those 400 acres outside of Wyoming as much as I have. Ten years later, a chapter in my life has closed and I’ve finished my time as a camper. I have made so many friendships and memories from this place that I’ll never forget, as well as grown so much spiritually. I’m super excited for my next chapter, and thrilled to say that Camp Bear Creek just happens to still play a part in it and always will.

I can’t say enough about Camp Bear Creek and the effect it has had on my life. God is so good. This summer I found what makes me the happiest.

Camp Bear Creek was a foundational part of my spiritual development. My experiences there over many years motivate me to send my children so that they may also experience the spirituality of nature and the joy of camp friendships.

My kids love the whole experience… being in God’s creation, friendly and energetic staff, traditional Camp activities, fun worship songs, games, nature activities, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions by parents about CIT camp at Bear Creek. If you still have questions after reading this information, please call the Camp Office at (563) 488-3893 or email us at

Check-in is on Sunday at 3pm at Deer Center (the dining hall). Don’t worry! Even if you’ve never been here before, staff will be stationed at the entrance of the camp to make sure you know where you’re going. We do our best to get everyone checked-in and moved in as efficiently as possible. You can help us out by making sure your camp fees are paid and paperwork is completed two weeks before you arrive. Bring any medication your child needs (it must be in the original container) to check-in in a bag labeled with their first and last name. Leave all other belongings in your car until you’re ready to move into your cabin. Every camper will get a new camp shirt to wear for their first day of camp!

Check out is on Friday at 3pm at Deer Center. First, we begin with a closing ceremony. Parents, this is your first glimpse into your camper’s week. We’ll sing some songs, celebrate some special people in our camp community, hand out milestone awards, and watch a video with photos and highlights of their week at camp. After the ceremony, you’ll be able to sign out your camper, talk with their counselors, meet their new camp friends, purchase items from the camp store, and load up all their belongings before you head for home.

CIT campers stay in cabins! Our cabins have eight bunk beds per cabin, are air-conditioned, and have private changing rooms. Bathrooms are a short walk away at a nearby lodge. Camp counselors stay in the cabins with the kids. If you want more information, check out this video where our Program Director, Jake, sets up his own bed in a cabin!

Not everyone is able to or wants to work at summer camp. That’s okay. Even though Counselors-in-Training is a program designed to teach you the ins and outs of camp counseling, there’s a lot of value to attending even if that isn’t part of your plan. CIT camp is a place where high school campers bond, grow in faith together, and have honest conversations about navigating the world today. You’ll learn soft skills like flexibility, leadership, coaching, and problem solving that will be helpful no matter what you do or where you go in the future. You’ll also get to experience camp one final time as a camper and have a valuable experience with friends.

CIT is a blend of participating and learning. You’ll be able to do camp activities like archery, kayaking, high ropes, earth ball, activity hour, color wars, Bible study, worship, games, and arts & crafts, bubble soccer, and team building. You’ll even take an overnight trip together and go camping and swimming at Central Park Lake. As the week goes on, you’ll begin to learn how to lead some of the activities you are experiencing and how to work with campers. You’ll practice skills like behavior management, building a fire, and leading songs at worship. Eventually, you’ll be able to jump into actually leading groups, teaching games, and helping with Bible study for the younger kids. By the end of the week, we hope that you’ll be more confident in your skills as a leader and role model for others.

We can absolutely provide alternatives for most dietary restrictions and allergies. When you sign up for camp, please make sure to indicate on your health form any dietary needs you might have so that our kitchen can plan and prepare before you arrive.

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