Growing Faith

Imagine What If

By Stacie Hoppman September 6, 2018

This summer, we asked the question, “Imagine what if?” What if God is bigger? What if we belong to God? What if faith is enough? What if we speak up? What if we change the world? We went on a journey of discovery, diving into who God is, who we are, and what God wants to do through us. It was an amazing summer full of questions, exploration, and learning.

The “Imagine What If” curriculum was all about moving beyond what we already know and daring to go further. So we know that God is big. But what if God is big enough to tackle every fear and bully and excuse that stands between us and the big plans that God has for us? So we know that God loves us. But what if God’s love for us will overcome sin and anxiety and depression and even death itself just to reach us? So we know that God loves the world, but what if God wants to send us to the hurting, the sick, the poor, and the broken?

Now that summer camp is over, we hope that you don’t stop asking questions, dreaming, imagining, and asking what if. We wanted to give you some practical ways to keep learning and keep the conversation going throughout your year.

  1. Campers learned about how big, awesome, and mighty God is. They discussed that sometimes they can’t always see the big picture, but that doesn’t mean God isn’t moving in their lives. Buy a notebook and help your camper decorate it in a special way. Help them to write down special prayer requests and prayers of thanks each day or week. Periodically go back to read through your requests. How did you see God moving in your life in unexpected or awesome ways?
  2. Campers learned that God created them specifically and for a purpose. They were designed with intent and God knows them completely. In order to know God better and to understand their own purpose better, it would be great to establish a routine of regular Bible reading. For younger campers, have a time to read from the Bible together. For older campers, encourage them to read on their own. They don’t have to start by reading entire books at a time, but a chapter a day from a New Testament book or finding an online Bible reading plan would be a great place to start.
  3. Campers learned that by sharing their faith and fighting for justice, they can actually change the world. Seek out ways that you can get involved as a family in sharing and living out your faith. Could you speak at your church service, teach a Sunday school class, volunteer for a local ministry, visit shut-ins, or find another way to serve? How can you speak up and change the world?