Growing Faith Summer Camp

Cardboard Stories

By Camp Bear Creek July 3, 2012

Last week’s Christwalk focused on grace.  The campers listened to the story of the adulterous woman about to be stoned by the scribes and Pharisees (John 8:1-11).  The woman was brought before Jesus, and the religious leaders asked what should be done with her because of her sin.  Jesus’ reply was unexpected.  ”Let anyone of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”  One by one, every stone fell to the ground.

The campers listened to this story of a woman who did not get what she deserved, who was offered grace in a most unexpected way, and were invited to contemplate their own lives.  Where do they see grace there?  Will they extend grace to others?  Will they extend it to themselves?

All of us have things in our lives that we are ashamed of, things we have done wrong, things we are afraid of, things we cry over.  Watch the video linked below, just like the campers did during last week’s Christwalk, and imagine what would be on the sign that you are holding.  Then think about how God has shown you grace despite it. God can and will redeem those things we are ashamed of or afraid of and through it all, God loves us.