Leslie Ofosu Kontoh

Leslie is joining us this summer all the way from Ghana! He’s excited to be part of Camp Bear Creek this summer and says, “I believe my unique skillset can contribute to the overall experience. I’m also eager to share and learn cultural beliefs, fostering a diverse and enriching environment for everyone involved.” He’s particularly excited to be part of a Christian Camp. He’s worked at a church camp in Ghana for kids ages 7-14 and had a lot of fun. Leslie says, “I love integrating faith into the camp experience. It gives me a chance to share my faith and values with campers and help them develop a deeper understanding of their spirituality.”

Leslie studies Computer Science at Academic City. In his free time, he likes to workout, read, and code. He has a love for volleyball and is also a strong swimmer. Maybe you can challenge him to a race at the pool! We’re guessing that volleyball played with a 4-foot high Earth Ball might be a new experience for Leslie, but it should be plenty of fun!

Leslie bests connects with God through prayer and leading Bible studies. He looks forward to time in Bible study every day with his campers. Leslie says, “I’m a fun person, who likes to explore and try new things. I love kids and I look forward to having unforgettable memories with the kids coming to camp.” He adds with a big smile: “Bear Creek is gonna be fuunnnnnnn!”


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A group of kids posing for a picture at summer camp in Iowa.