Sara Peterson headshot.

Sara Peterson

Bachelor of Arts in Art & Design
Minor in English
Iowa State University

  • Shine United

Sara and her husband Ryan have two boys: Thomas (10) and James (8). Their family lives in the Arboretum neighborhood in Madison, WI where they are surrounded by 1700 acres of protected woods, prairies and water, right in the heart of the city. One of their favorite parts about Madison is the outdoor enthusiasm and the food culture.

Sara grew up in Dubuque and attended Iowa State University where she majored in Art & Design with a minor in English. She works for an advertising agency called Shine United as a managing partner and account director, meaning she is the primary contact and relationship manager between clients and the agency team.

In middle school, Sara was invited by a friend to come to Camp Bear Creek. She says she fell in love. Eventually, Sara even worked on summer staff for two summers while she was in college. Sara says, “I love the blend of faith and the great outdoors. While I know the experience changes to adapt to kids’ expectations, it’s still a special experience to disconnect from everyday life in favor of focusing on fellowship and friendship.”

Sara is often on the go, but when she’s not moving, she loves to read. When she’s active, she loves to run, hike, bike, practice yoga, paddle board, and ski (both x-country and downhill). Joining the Bear Creek board holds special meaning for Sara. She says, “I’ve wanted to do it for many years to give back to a place that gave me so much. I’m at a life stage now that feels like the time is finally right.”


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